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As an award-winning company, Elevation Corporate Health has been witness to the evolution of the corporate health and wellness industry since 1986. 

Our founding Partners, Sandy Meagher and Tom Kapp, began their journey in 1986 employed by a local hospital in the Baltimore-Washington corridor.  At this time, our focus was connecting the hospital to organizations via occupational health programs, pre-employment screenings, job analysis and fit for work programs, as well as providing organizations with fitness center management, group exercise programs, and health fair coordination.

A milestone at the time, Sandy and Tom organized and led their team to execute and supervise the first award-winning risk-rated premium reduction program for a Maryland bank in 1988.

In 1994, Sandy and Tom decided to venture out and become business partners of what is now Elevation Corporate Health. Since that time, our focus has been unwavering.

Elevation's number one goal is to improve the health of our clients/customers.

We do that by building our relationships one at a time, focusing on each client’s specific needs and goals.

Elevation serves both mid-size and large organizations in a variety of sectors: Private and Public industry, Hospital, Residential, Multi-tenant, Resort, and Government.

We serve domestically as well as internationally, leveraging our own Elevation technology to engage customers coast to coast and across the pond.

The results?

Our clients are award-winning recipients for achieving workplace health awards.

What makes Elevation different? 

It is our relationships....all relationships.

We are in the people business. It just so happens we relate to people by motivating them to improve their health.

Programs are simply programs until they are fueled by passion, excitement, motivating leaders, and exciting technology.

This is our job....to meet individuals where they are and to motivate.

Our future is extremely encouraging because we have built an amazing culture of health and fitness professionals and a client base who have long tenures with Elevation. We will continue with our business philosophy - set on valuing our relationships, our culture, and how we treat each other as human beings.

It is our utmost goal to foster open and honest relationships with all of our employees and clients to help our clients be the healthiest organization possible.


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