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Ultimate Bodyweight Workout

Intermediate / Advanced

Duration: 30-45 mins.

Equipment: Mat (Optional)

This 8 workout bodyweight program is designed to target all major muscle groups in every workout while only using your own bodyweight, allowing you can do this workout anywhere, anytime! Workouts will progressively get more challenging, so be sure to do each workout in order for maximum benefits and safety precautions. The first four workouts you have a choice to do each circuit 2 times or 3 times with 90 seconds of recovery in between each circuit. The last four workouts you will do each circuit 3 times with 60 seconds of recovery in between each circuit. The last 4 workouts might seem as difficult to complete as the first 4 workouts, but your body should be able to recover at a faster pace than when you first started this program, which is why recovery periods are shortened for your last 4 workouts.

All of our programs were designed by Certified Personal Trainers from Elevation Corporate Health.

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